The DELTA-F of the FAMAG VARIO Adjustable Countersink

Is a countersunk head screw used to connect two soft wood components, the connections very often can be done without any pre-drilling. But if you want to combine hard wood components, like e.g. tropical wood for terraces, you cannot avoid the pre-drilling. Similar with coated sheet material, e.g. MDF or coated chipboards. In order to being able to drill and sink in one work step, countersinks are offered for the wood industry, which can easily be mounted on a drill bit. They are fixed by a lateral clamping screw. In this case, you need different countersinks for the different diameters of the drill bits. If you want to drill and countersink hard materials or hard surfaces, TCT countersinks (carbide tipped) offer the highest service life.

Ideal for handling these materials is the FAMAG TCT VARIO Adjustable Countersink.

On the one hand Drilling and countersinking with the VARIO can be done in one work step. On the other hand the VARIO can be mounted on all diameters from 3 mm up to 8 mm, so it is a real universal countersink and you do not have to purchase several countersinks for different interior diameters. Surely you can also mount the VARIO on intermediate inside diameters like 5,5 mm. For those intermediate sizes, very often you cannot buy any countersink at all

Mount the countersink simply on the drill bit*, adjust the depth and fix it with the two clamping screws.

*Please notice, the 8 mm drill bit has to be put from the real into the countersink.

Low-cost countersinks usually are fitted with one clamp screw only, which takes effect on the drill bit to one side. Especially with smaller diameters it can happen, that after the mounting of the countersink the combination does not work properly. Different with the VARIO. Here both sides of the countersink are clamped on the drill bit. The result is a perfect rotation, also with smaller diameters of drill bits.

The VARIO is suitable for all kind of woods, coated boards, lots of plastic material and also Exotic woods, which are used for construction of terraces. Thanks to the carbide tipping, it is quite insensible at higher speeds. For a drill bit diameter of 4 mm we recommend a speed of 4.000 min-1 in European hard wood. Also significant slower speeds, e.g. when using a cordless screwdriver, are possible and give best results.

The bodies of the VARIO countersink are traditionally casted with liquid steel in sand moulds. After cooling down, cleaning and removing the gate, the carbide tips are soldered on with a high quality silver solder. But before that, we have to make the borings and the threading for the connecting screws. After the grinding of the cutting edges we burnish the VARIO and so we reach the fine matt black colour. The production requires a lot of know-how and accuracy. Thousands of VARIO’s have proven their extremely long service life. Due to these unique selling features it belongs to the DELTA-F family of FAMAG.

Hereby we are setting a small DELTA-F with a big effect!

With consciousness we want to differ ourselves from our competition. Being a little bit better, making a difference, building a DELTA; being a DELTA-F! F like FAMAG.

Experiences, questions, suggestions or criticism? Bring it on! We are always glad to receive your message at or call us 02191/9284-0.

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