Perfect sinking –also in softwood- due to the sophistically designed head geometry

By sinking in softwood, it frequently occurs that the countersink chatters, resulting into a non-circular hole edge. Quite different are the FAMAG countersinks of the reference 1775…

Drilling and sinking in wood and panel materials belongs to the carpenter’s daily work. In many cases, existing boreholes are counter sunk to include screw heads and to create an even workpiece surface. In today’s practice, the materials dealt with are of many different types. Starting with softwood to MDF, to coated and uncoated chipboards, the modern carpenter processes virtually all materials and exotic hardwoods today.

Especially in softwood, carpenters like to use the so-called deburring countersinks, because they have a od guide characteristic and thus centre well on the bore edge of the soft wood. Some carpenters also prefer metal countersinks because they tend to chatter less than woodworking tools due to a lower relief angle. However, these tools are not ideal for woodworking, because they produce more friction and have smaller chip spaces which – especially in softwood - do not remove the chippings perfectly.

For all sinkings in wood and panel materials we now offer the perfect countersink! It is a traditional machine countersink which we have modified. On our modern CNC machines, we grind a ingenious geometry at this countersink, which contains a lot of experience and know-how. This ground geometry has the consequence that the countersink does not even chatter in softwood or hardwood. Futhermore, due to the large chip spaces of the countersink this ensures a perfect removal of the chips. To perfect these advantages, we grind the entire head geometry from the solid.

The result is quite impressive: a fully grinded countersink which produces ideal results in softwood and other timber materials!

Forget your metal countersinks and those with bored holes and try our first-class countersinks that we offer at very reasonable prices.

In addition to the six individual sizes (Ø 10, 13, 16, 20, 25 and 30 mm), we also offer a five-part set with the size 10, 13, 16, 20 und 25 mm.

Please ask your dealer or contact us! We will tell you where to buy this “Made in Germany” quality product!

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