Over – worked: FAMAG soil augers

If you have to set foundations, electric fence or garden fence, are soil augers a great invention because an excavation with spade or etc. usually means that you have a much greater effort.

Soil augers are used to make holes in the earth for foundations, electric fence or garden fence. But they are still popular to drill planting holes with different diameters and depths. FAMAG soil augers are independent of electric power, because they works by muscle strength.

One thing at first: Drilling into the earth is always a hard work!

What sounds simple, drilling holes into the ground of all kinds and depth by hand, makes bone-work. Ideal soils are sand, gravel or clay soil. Even a light compaction can make the drilling life quickly difficult, to say nothing of the resistors in growing depths and larger stones.


The over – worked FAMAG soil augers are now called Professional-Model and not longer “ plate form”. They have in the centre a rigid metal tube which is welded to the lower end of a milled steel spiral. The upper end of the tube is laid-out as a square, on which extensions or a T-handle can be attached. Included in the delivery is the stable T-handle made of steel pipe. The soil auger “Professional” is designed in the standard delivery for a hole depth of about one meter.
Extension of one meter must be ordered separately and can be set  arbitrarily on each other, therefore drilling at grather depths are possible.

As cutting and transport spiral we now weld a forged spiral of steel.  Small diameter have a single edge, larger diameter have two spiral coils of transportation.  The soil augers are in FAMAG-yellow powder coated and are characterised by easy handling, robust fabrication and durability. Available diameters are: 70, 90, 110, 130, 150, 200 and 250mm.

od message:
The new professional edition (item number 4191) is more then 40% cheaper after the over-working of the primal "plate form".

With a small winking we would like to give you on the following way:
A od breakfast before working and a pair of robust gloves do the work with FAMAG soil augers to a child's play.

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