FAMAG PAROLI® – It runs perfectly here!

In production of the most retailer-found and cheap hole saws it is usual to form a metal strip almost roundly and then weld it to a base. That’s fast and cheap, but precise borings are almost impossible with these hole saws.

What’s different at FAMAG? Like always, the amount of small things make a big difference in the end.

1. Our hole saw bases are forged of one slug which means that it’s a one-piece. Thanks to the forging a high concentricity is given. Additionally the tool gets a much better material structure and as a result the fibre orientation in the metal is really good which reduces the cracking risk and material fatigue a lot.

2. The exact positioning of the TCT teeth makes a hole saw which cuts absolutely round holes.

3. The PAROLI® hole saws don’t have any play on the ejector shanks which results in a high drill accuracy.

4. Thanks to the special cut of the TCT teeth you’ll get a clean bore entry and outlet.

The ejector shank:

1. Mount the PAROLI® hole saw on the ejector shank so that both ejector pins are in line with the bores in the hole saw

2. For locking purpose press now the ejector shank a little bit forward and let’s go!

3. Bore in any materials like hardwood, chipboard, multiplex board, MDF, plaster boards, aerated concrete, plastics and even bricks, if they’re not as hard as glass.

4. After cutting press the ejector forwards and take out the saw core in a second.

5. And with joy to the next hole!

We think we can say with total justification that we present a fully perfect item.

A well thought out, easy system together with excellent quality – these are the benchmarks of our PAROLI hole saws!

In February we have the following set for you at a special price:

PAROLI TCT hole saw set

8 pieces Ø 35/50/57/60/68/80 mm +edge countersink cap
Ø 68mm + ejector system with quick ejector shank
Item number: 2166.807

A little DELTA F causing a great effect!

With this we want to distinguish us from our competitors. To be a little better, to create a difference, to form a DELTA; to be DELTA F!

F like FAMAG.

Experiences, questions, suggestions or criticism? Bring it on! We are always glad to receive your message at info@famag.com or call us 02191/9284-0.

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