Bormax® 2.0 “tea light set“

The Bormax® 2.0 is a rapid Forstner bit, which allows you to drill professionally in softwood, European hardwood, MDF and many other wood products. Through his good guide characteristics, he is the ideal wood Forstner Bit for the cordless drill or hand drill.

In practice the Bormax® is often used to produce blind holes with the same deepness. Applications are: holes for hinges, repair of damaged areas in the wood (for example branches) and any kind of sinking.

The ball bearing depth stop made of ABS plastic is a perfect aide. This is specifically made for the FAMAG drills Bormax, TCT-Bormax³, Forstner Bit and cylinder boring bit. Choose from the depth adjuster Set the suitable guide bushing for the diameter of the Forstner drill stalk and mount this guide bushing in the depth adjuster. Now simply slide the depth stop included the guide bushing on the Bormax and adjust stageless the drilling depth. At last fix the lateral clamping screw and let's go: Hole by hole always in the same depth.

Additionally to the classic five pieces set containing the diameters 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 mm we offer a supplemental set with the diameters 40, 50 and 60 mm. These larger diameters are used by carpenters in everyday life.

We also call this set the “tea light set” because the 40 mm drill is required to drill a hole for a tea light without glass. A tea light with glas fits in a 50 mm drilling. And for large tea lights use the 60 mm Bormax®. In order to always produce the same drilling depth, so the tea lights lay in the right deepness, we recommend the depth stop set in wooden case.

From 26 October 2018 all sets will be available at great special price.

A little DELTA F causing a great effect!

With this sign we want to distinguish from our competitors. To be a little better, to create a difference, to form a DELTA; to be DELTA F!

F like FAMAG.

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