Drilling difficult materials …

Drilling a hole these days does no longer naturally mean to drill in wood. Today we take a look at some materials which not every drill can cope with.

Softwood does not make high demands on a drill. But if you want to get a clean hole edge it is of importance, to have a drill with sharp cutting lips which are able to cut the long, softwood fibre. The Bormax® 2.0 is the ideal drill for this purpose. With his wave-form cutting teeth he is able to cut a clean and fine hole edge.

In case of harder and denser material the drill steel grade has to be adjusted to the material you work with. In most cases TCT tools are used. This is especially advisable if the material is a composite material, so material made of two or more components such as Wood Polymer Composites (WPC).

We like to introduce a drill to you which does not fear any of these materials. The TCT-Bormax³ is the first Forstner bit which can be used really free hand in all wood materials. Deliverable from diameter 15 mm to 60 mm, various inch dimensions and in diverse sets. Softwood, European and exotic hardwood, MDF, panel materials, also laminated

materials are no problem for this drill. Particularly suitable for hard

plastics like pc, pvc and fibre-glass reinforced plastics (frp).

Even drilling in the unbelievable hard Ekki is no longer a problem!

Apropos Ekki … this special exotic hardwood, also called Bongossi or Azobé, is an extremely hard, heavy and resistant wood. Its weathering resistance makes it the ideal wood for water engineering, bridge building and terrace construction.

For deep hole drillings in this really hard wood or other hardwoods we offer you the Auger bit for hardwood with bottom blade (series 1493) with an overall length of 460 mm (Spiral length 380 mm).

What are the characteristics of this Auger bit? In the production we put the cutting lip at the bottom of the main cutting edge. We at FAMAG call it “bottom blade”.

By this we omit the needless cutting of the short but strong hardwood fibres. The main edge comes into action immediately. Directly after that the bottom blade pares the bore wall from inside. The result is an incredible clean bore wall as well as a maximum durability of the Auger bit. In addition the screw threading centre point has a rougher lead which “get its teeth” better into the hardwood.

We produce these drills from diameter 8 mm to 30 mm with an overall length of 460 mm as standard drills. Usually available from stock. Bigger diameters and other length are deliverable as custom-made article. Besides the single sizes there is a set available, containing diameters 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 mm.

You do not to have to get so deep? You need a drill with a diameter smaller than 8 mm? In this case we recommend the Machine Drill with brad point and cutting lips HSS-G, series 1594. Actually the best Machine Drill, but more to that next time.

Experiences, questions, suggestions or criticism? Bring it on! We are always glad to receive your message at info@famag.com or call us 02191/9284-0.

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