The DELTA-F of the FAMAG Lewis auger bits

Our auger bits are fitted with a taper tap, one main cutting edge and a crest of thread, which works very well in soft wood, but also in European hard wood. Push the crest of thread into the wood and with the help of the drilling feed the auger bit automatically pulls itself with every turn into the wood.

FAMAG Lewis Auger bits are characterized by a milled, round spiral. This type of spiral guarantees a highest bending stiffness with largest possible chip space. Herewith our auger bits transport the removed chips particularly good out of the deepness of the drilled hole and remain in very directional stability. This is especially important, when deep holes have to be drilled and the wood fibres of the material are trying to give the drill bit a direction of its own while boring.

In order to minimize frictional forces on the outer surface of the auger bit, the diameter of the spiral part is slightly reduced towards the tool head during production. The result is a smaller diameter in the spiral area of the drills. In practice this reduces the contact surfaces in the borehole and makes work much easier.

To protect the shanks from twisting in the drill chuck, they are manufactured hexagonal (from Ø 10 mm).

In our range we have six standard lengths (overall length) available from stock: 235 mm, 320 mm, 460 mm, 650 mm and 1.000 mm. Even longer drill bits we manufacture as special article, either cost-efficient with a longer shank or with extra long spirals. Overall lengths of 2.500 mm are the maximum which is possible and they are not uncommon. All auger bits are produced from a diameter of 5 mm up to 50 mm as standard (the overall length of 1.000 mm only from Ø 14 mm). For some time we also produce additionally the overall length of 1.080 mm. These auger bits have a spiral of 1.010 mm and differ from the auger bits with 1.000 mm overall length, which do only have a spiral length of 380 mm resp. 535 mm (from Ø 34 mm). The advantage of the very long spiral is: Our auger bits transport the removed chips even more comfortable out of the deepness of the drilled hole and they remain in very directional stability.

The largest diameter we can manufacture on special demand in our production plant is 80 mm.  More than 130 individual diameters in overall lengths of 235, 320, 460, 650, 1.000 and 1.080 mm are available

In more than 150 years we have gained a lot of experience with regard to the interaction of chip space, depth of chip flute and the stability of an auger bit. Here, a few millimetres often decide on the success or failure of a deep hole drilling. There are clear differences, if you want to treat a soft wood or an exotic hard wood. Millions of FAMAG auger bits were produced and are in daily use. Carpenters and other professionals often tell us about applications, where only FAMAG auger bits are successful. This makes us a little bit proud. Due to these unique selling features the FAMAG Lewis auger bits belong to the DELTA-F family of FAMAG.

Hereby we are setting a small DELTA-F with a big effect!

With consciousness we want to differ ourselves from our competition. Being a little bit better, making a difference, building a DELTA; being a DELTA-F! F like FAMAG.

Experiences, questions, suggestions or criticism? Bring it on! We are always glad to receive your message at or call us 02191/9284-0.

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