New: FAMAG 5-piece Mill Drill Set in wooden case i.a. for CrushGrind grinders

For turning spice mills, salt mills or pepper mills, the professional uses particularly beautiful woods such as ash, yew, American walnut or maple. Root woods also have remarkably beautiful grains and are wonderful to look at once they have been turned. All these woods belong to the group of hard woods and some of them are really rock-hard. To make matters worse in processing is the exclusive drilling in end grain. So please put aside all the Forstner bits you have. When working with exotic hard woods, only TCT (carbide tipped) drill bits are resistant enough not to fail after 1 cm drilling depth.

FAMAG now has composed a 5-piece set, which is especially adapted to the CrushGrind grinders. The set contains drill bits in Ø 22/25/38/42 mm and an extension with total length of 250 mm. The first 50 buyers will find a free CrushGrind grinder with total length of 195 mm in the package; but only the first 50!

All drill bits of the set are securely and accurately held in the 10 mm drill hole of the extension. Use the Ø 22 mm of the set to drill the hole for the upper part of the grinder.

The drill hole of the Ø 25 mm will later provide the storage space for the spices. The drill bits in Ø 38 mm and 42 mm are required to drill the holes for the actual grinding mechanism. CrushGrind offers grinders with lengths of 195 mm, 284 mm and 460 mm and a very short version. With the extension included in the set the bar grinders can be manufactured up to 284 mm. For the longest bar grinder you should use the separate extension with total length of 400 mm (FAMAG article No. 1639.009).

The FAMAG set contains only TCT cylinder boring bits of the series 1662 in the quality class "Excellent". Everyone who has ever used those FAMAG drill bits knows how accurate the drillings are! This is essential for spice mills in order to accommodate the grinders exactly. From a drill bit diameter of 25 mm these tools have a special curved grinding on the main cutting edge. This ground shaft in the tenth of a millimetre range drastically reduces the feed forces and minimizes friction and thus the unpleasant heat development during the drilling process. This works particularly impressively in end grain.

All tools of the FAMAG mill drill set find their safe place in the robust wooden case. By the way, not only all drill bits are “Made in Germany” but also the beech wood case!

Article.-No. 1662.555

FAMAG 5-piece Mill Drill Set in wooden case for CrushGrind grinders


4 pcs TCT cylinder boring bits of the series 1662 in Ø 22/25/38/42 mm
Extension with total length of 250 mm with drilling diameter 10 mm for all cylinder boring bits
Case made of beech wood

Recommended selling price: 308,95€ (plus VAT)

Practical accessory:
Extension in total length of 400 mm
FAMAG Article.-No. 1639.009

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