Drilling big diameters? Precise, quick and clean with the Bormax® 2.0

There are two ways to handle this and for both FAMAG has a perfect solution.

1. Bormax® 2.0 prima Long

In practice the carpenter drills a through hole with an auger bit in a wooden beam and then uses a piloted counterbore and a washer to produce a bigger boring.

If you want to do this quick and precise, our Bormax® 2.0 prima long is used. This tool is perfect because it combines a piloted counterbore abilities with the Bormax advantages.

Like a piloted counterbore the Bormax® 2.0 prima long doesn’t have a fixed centre point - instead it has a mounting bore. You can use this hole to use a pre-drill or a pilot bit fitting your needs.

To drill out an existing boring or to produce a counter boring you can simply mount a pilot bit matching the boring diameter and you’ll get a perfect guiding. We under-sized our pilot bits a little bit so that nothing clamps and even in bigger diameters you won’t get a problem.

Included in delivery is a short centre drill (as shown in the picture). This centre drill can be mounted in the hole so that it is seen only a little and can be used this way as a centre drill. BUT you can also mount the centre drill that it shows more. This way you’ll have a perfect guidance and could even drill freehand till 100 mm with a strong cordless screwdriver in soft wood! Unbelievable but really true!

As an alternative to the pilot bits and centre drills you could also use a longer pre drill in diameter 8 and 10 mm. With a mounted pre drill you can drill and countersink in one step. This saves separate predrilling time. With this combination tool you can also pre-drill in an angle.

We think that our Bormax® 2.0 prima long doesn’t only convinces because it is a Bormax®, but also because it is variable as no other.

2. Counter sink for Auger Bits Bormax® 2.0 tool steel!

When you’re in a hurry but also want high quality borings we recommend our Bormax® 2.0 for Auger Bits. Mount it in a heartbeat on an FAMAG Auger Bit with shank 13mm and you’re ready!

We produce the Bormax® 2.0 prima long as well as the countersink Bormax® 2.0 (like the whole Bormax family) with two chip breaking grooves on the main cutters and cooling fins on the circumference cutters. This reduces the effort as well as the friction. For easier work as well as a longer tool durability.

A little DELTA F causing a great effect!

With this sign we want to distinguish from our competitors. To be a little better, to create a difference, to form a DELTA; to be DELTA F!

F like FAMAG.

Experiences, questions, suggestions or criticism? Bring it on! We are always glad to receive your message at info@famag.com or call us 02191/9284-0.

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