FAMAG Auger Bits for Hardwood processing

Auger bits are essential if you want to bore deep holes in wood. This tool are characterised by a particularly large spiral chip space, where the wood chips are transported while drilling to the tool shank. Auger bits for softwood ordinary have a taper tap, main cutting edge and a centring tip which works like “crest of thread which pulls on her own“. Based on flank lead of the crest of thread, the augers works well in softwood and in part even in European hardwood.

For comfortable boring, you press the crest of thread into the wood and power-on the boring machine. While the motor is working, the thread point runs into the wood automatically and entail the taper tap who cuts the wood fibre of outward circular ring. The taper tap of FAMAG auger (production run 1410 for softwood) has a so-called pulls hovel polished section. That create special accurate cuts in softwood.

This taper tap has a different behaviour in hardwood. In this case he does not attain the favoured results because of is pulls hovel polished section but brakes the drill in fractious wood. Who bores hardwood should use a borer who is concerted to the requirements!

We offer a serial with so-called lower knife (production run 1493) for applications in nearly all hardwoods. In this case we put the taper tap under the main cutting edge. So called “lower knife”.

Consequently the unnecessary pre-cutting of the short but hard fibre of the hardwood drops. The main cutting edge has her application directly (without preparatory cutting). Immediately thereafter, the lower knife peels the resulting bore wall from the inside. The result is a wonderfully clean bore wall with maximum running time of the auger bit. Furthermore, the thread point of the hardwood auger bit have a coarser gradient, which “clinging” better in hardwood.

We make the auger bits with lower knife of the serial 1493 in the total length of 460 mm (spiral length 380 mm) in the diameters 8 – 30 mm as a standard (All length are in stock). Larger diameters and other working lengths are available on special design. 

In case of special designed drill we can produce the drill with special shanks, for example Morse taper Type 2. 

In addition to the individual dimensions is also a set of diameters 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20mm available (Article-No. 1493.400).

Ask your dealer or contact us, we will tell you which dealer will have these new sets with the special price in stock. You can reach us daily from 8:00am – 16:45 clock under +49 (2191) 9284-0.

Experiences, questions, suggestions or criticism? Bring it on! We are always glad to receive your message at info@famag.com. 

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