In the catalogue of Company Weiss and Son from 1909 a drill is called “Lewis drill“ and is characterized by only one helix with a completely free centre and only one main cutting edge. Patents date back to 1809.

Probably these drills were already designed for carpenters, as some of them had to drill through thick beams and always had difficulties to transport the drilling chips from the hole. The accuracy in timber construction and especially in joinery has increased significantly over the past 200 years.

Anyone who has ever tried to drill a hole exactly at the desired angle by means of a drill winch and an ancient auger bit can confirm that it’s not that easy. In the history of timber construction there are different means for drilling an exact hole at a specified angle.

If today highly accurate aligned holes are made, this usually happens in the workshops on stationary tables or box column drills. In timber constructions, however, we find modern joinery systems today. On these machines different processing operations are carried out and amongst others the drilling of holes with auger bits. Some of the drilling units are pivoting and thus highly accurate aligned holes can be achieved.

But what to do if such an exact vertical drilling has to be made on a construction site or during assembly? Mobile drill rigs in which a power drill can be fixed are providing essential services here. In fact many users have made bad experiences with the poor quality of cheap drill rigs. If we meet the professionals at the exhibitions, the testing hand movement is always the same: First the upper bridge of the FAMAG depth guide, in which the machine is hold, is tested with a rotary motion for stability. In the following it is tested if the mentioned guide bridge can be moved easily up and down without any play. The facial expression is always the same and confirms that this drill rig will work properly.

We no longer do aluminium casting in Remscheid! The components of this aluminium device are produced for us. Clearly according to our strict factory standard in the well-known FAMAG quality. The processing of the components is done on our CNC machines in our plant, the assembling of the new drill rigs is done in our factory as well. The FAMAG drill rigs are fitted with a foot with an exterior dimension of 200 x 150 mm and an interior dimension of 140 x 90 mm. In this base two guide columns made of stainless steel find a stable hold. At the other end of the guiding columns a stabilizer is mounted, which connects the two columns with each other. This provides additional stability, especially for the long versions of the rigs.

Below the stabilizer you find the guide bridge for the safe hold of all machines EURO Ø 43 mm. The drill rigs are fitted with two stainless steel springs for an easy return stroke of the machine. By means of two depth adjusters the upper and lower height can be infinitely limited.

The carpentry drill rigs are mainly intended for the use of auger bits and twist drills. To additionally guide the auger bit before entering the drill hole, these drill rigs are fitted with a drill bushing plate. This plate is rotatable designed and in order to guide the most common auger bits it is fitted with holes of Ø 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26 mm.

Using the fixed version you exactly drill at an angle of 90°. The pivoting version is fitted with two quick release clamps on the base of the drill rig. By means of these clamps you can infinitely adjust the setting angle between 90° and 45°. Thanks to a new scale the adjusted setting angle can easily be read.

In order to protect the components against corrosion we have powder coated them – in FAMAG yellow!

You release the two machine screws of the guide bridge with the attached Allen key and then you mount your machine with EURO hold (Ø 43 mm). Between the machine chuck and the foot of the device you have sufficient space to fix your drilling tools. Select the diameter of the auger bit and adjust the drilling diameter accordingly on the drill bushing plate.


Since the drill rig is fitted with two depth adjusters you can set the sinking depth as well as the upper limit so that you do not have to pull the machine to the end position every time. This can be very pleasant if you use a drilling tool with a small overall length.

Since we use ground stainless steel guide columns for the drill rigs, the guide bridge can be moved very easily with the mounted machine. The return stroke is noticeably relieved by the two stainless steel spiral springs.


The drill rigs are characterized by their high stability and low weight as they are made of aluminium. The quality of these drill rigs and the price / performance ratio are excellent. Due to this interaction the drill rigs belong to the DELTA-F family of FAMAG.


  • compact and robust but lightweight construction due to the aluminium material used
  • easy movement of the guide bridge thanks to ground guide columns made of stainless steel
  • return stroke of the machine by two stainless steel springs
  • additional guidance of the twist drills directly in front of the work piece through the guide bridge with adjustable drill bushing plate. This is particularly of advantage for auger bits with a long effective length
  • highest torsional stiffness due to the stabilizer at the end of the guiding columns
  • compatible with all electric machines with Euro neck (Ø 43 mm)
  • two infinitely variable depth adjusters
  • clamping possibility on timber rafters by means of four clamping elements which are available in the accessories

Overview of the most important details:

Product line 1403.320 1403.460 1403.650
Foot exterior 200 x 150 mm
Foot interior 140 x 90 mm
For Drill lenght of 320 mm 460 mm 650 mm
Drilling Depth 190 mm 310 mm 460 mm
Stabilizer incl.
Design fixed
Weight 5 kg
Packaging Carton
PU 1
Product Line 1403
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In order to be able to clamp the drill rigs on beams, we offer a fastening device set. In this set you find four fastening elements, which can be mounted on all FAMAG drill rigs with square foot. For especially thick beams we offer enlarging rails. Please contact us for further information. In addition to the drill bushing plate (Art.-No. 1400.903) with Ø 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26 mm, we offer a plate (Art.-No. 1400.904) with the following special holes: Ø 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 mm.


Auger bit, lewis pattern
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We offer the FAMAG auger bits matched to the drill rigs in overall lengths 320, 460 and 650 mm. Drill bits from Ø 5-50 mm are separately available in all lengths. Seven different sets in wooden case with different diameters and overall lengths are available as well.

Product Line 1403
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