FAMAG Product of the year 2019: Right-angle-driver 90fix!

Why should an angle screwdriver device become product of the year? Because screw joints become more and more important and very often it has to be screwed in tricky and inaccessible areas. With the 90fix angle screwdriver you can drill holes and screw in screws in a minimum of space. It is built so robust, that speeds up to 2.000 rpm are not a problem at all. We say thank you to all the professionals who are working with the FAMAG tools every day and declare the 90fix right-angle-driver product of the year!



Welcome to the FAMAG product of the year. You are wondering what it is, a product of the year? Quite simple: You find more than 130 pages and more than 3.000 different drill bits for wood in the actual FAMAG catalogue. Who should keep the overview or how should one become aware of a very special product there? Exactly – through the FAMAG product of the year!

This year we have made the new FAMAG right-angle-driver 90fix the product of the year.

With the product of the year, we would like to try to bring you closer to a tool with very special qualities. Showing details, which you might otherwise have overlooked. Moreover you get the possibility to buy these products at very special prices. As usual, exclusively through the specialised trade or on the Internet. Have fun with the technical details and the offers:

It works compactly on smallest space and is so robust inside that screws with a total length of up to 60 mm can be screwed in without any problems. With this we are setting a small DELTA F with a big effect! With consciousness we want to differ ourselves from our competition. Being a little bit better, making a difference, building a DELTA; being a DELTA F! F like FAMAG.


This year the specialised trade will offer four different products of the 90fix product line at special prices. The Compact sets in high quality wooden cases, a set of 13 pcs in a robust pouch and the 90fix individually. All articles are offered at very reasonable prices all year! Take a look.