FAMAG-Product of the Year 2018! The Bormax 2.0 WS prima!

The "Holz-Handwerk" in Nuremberg, Germany has clearly shown it: For a long time we wondered what the perfect Bormax could look like! What would be smart, what would be great? An incredible number of visitors came up with the answer: It is the Bormax 2.0 with its interchangeable spike and interchangeable pre-drill, respectively. The arguments of the professionals were more than convincing! We say thank you to all who work day-to-day with the FAMAG tools and declare the Bormax 2.0 WS the "Product of the Year"!



Welcome to FAMAG “Product of the Year”. You wonder what this is, a “Product of the Year”? Well, that's quite simple: The current FAMAG catalogue comprises of more than 130 pages and offers over 3,000 different wood drills. How can one possibly keep an overview or even become aware of a very special product there? Exactly - here comes the FAMAG “Product of the Year”!

This year, all professionals at the “Holz-Handwerk” have made the Bormax 2.0 WS to become the “Product of the Year”.

By means of the “Product of the Year” we introduce you to a tool with very special qualities and show details that otherwise might have remained unnoticed. On top, you have the possibility to buy some sets in a wooden box at a special price - of course exclusively through specialized trade or on the internet. Have fun with the technical details and the bargains:

Many of us have been working with the Bormax® for years. For some time now, the Bormax® 2.0 WS has been on the market. Its new geometry impresses with even better product details. But did you know that with the Bormax® 2.0 WS series, the centering spike can be removed and replaced by a pre-drill? This is a small DELTA F right there, but it comes with a big effect! We clearly and consciously want to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Be a little bit better; make a difference, create a DELTA; be a DELTA F! F like FAMAG.


This year the specialized trade offers four different sets of Bormax® 2.0 WS prima at special prices. Bestseller is the 5-piece set in a wooden box with or without extension. For fans of precision: The 8-piece set in the hardwood box from the Black Forest is waiting for you! Here again with or without extension.